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Il faut prévenir les hommes qu'ils sont en danger de mort - la science devient criminelle !...
Albert Einstein

Entre cet 'avertissement' et la 'constatation' suivante - se trouve le fond du problème.

L' ENFER c'est les AUTRES !...

Jean Paul Sartre

Quand aux trop nombreux 'septiques' & 'sceptiques' qui paralysent toute démarche 'libératrice' - sachez que le peu que je sais_ c'est à mon ignorance que je le dois !...

No Chip Required: Biocoded DNA Resonant Frequency Links Targeted Individ...

STAGED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: An International Criminal Conspiracy of Epic Proportions

The Most Premeditated and Highly Organized
Depopulation Scheme in World History

Wuhan coronavirus pandemic STAGED to
cover-up the public health crisis caused by
the intensive 5G roll-out in Wuhan in 2019

SPECIAL NOTE: It’s of vital importance for every bioweapon expert, medical researcher, bioengineering scientist and investigative journalist to comprehend the true complexity of this global depopulation scheme and major move toward global governance.  That’s why the following extensive report is a very long read indeed, which will get even longer with each successive update.  The Wuhan coronavirus pandemic is actually an immense and convoluted series of black operations that are taking place on several levels each with multiple layers, in different dimensions and on every continent.  This is not 5D chess, it’s 12D chess; and it’s been planned for many decades for this very moment in time.  Only with this correct understanding will folks come to apprehend how various furtive operations, which appear to be working at cross purposes, are really ordained by the same plotters.  Some of the most weighty explanations articulated below may even seem to be mutually exclusive—they aren’t.  Some of the most radioactive info/data is only now being email to us as it will continue to be for the foreseeable future; after all,  the more time that goes by, the more the hard truths will surface.  Therefore, it’s the “Updates” posted at the bottom of this page that will contain the most current and sensitive intelligence.  The final point here is that “staged” does NOT mean this is a hoax; only that many pieces of this op are choreographed and carried out to have maximum effect on the targeted populations.

QUESTION: Is the bioengineered coronavirus pandemic being purposefully propagated globally in order to further facilitate the military deployment of 5G worldwide?

The answer to that critical question is of paramount importance to every person on the planet because of how forcefully the 5G juggernaut is moving across the land.

We all knew they were going to do something big—VERY BIG!

STAGED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: An International Criminal Conspiracy of Epic Proportions

Zersetzung, Organized Stalking, Covert Electronic Assaults - Mind Control Technology - Targeting US Citizens

Ongoing Nonconsensual Human Experimentation


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USA covert, high-tech, nonconsensual human experimentation, mind control technology, microwave weapon assaults & the Gangstalking program in USA and global NWO.



Truth the Weapon and Ultimately an Unbeatable, Powerful Force! 

A strategically designed monstrous program using bizarre tactics that most cannot believe it exists.  The human monsters involved are having far too much fun tampering with the mental, physical, and emotional states of thousands of human experimentation guinea pigs reported nationwide and globally in their literal game plan for behavior modification.

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Zersetzung, Organized Stalking, Covert Electronic Assaults - Mind Control Technology - Targeting US Citizens: USA covert, high-tech, nonconsensual experimentation, mind control, microwave energy weapons & gangstalking program in USA and the NWO.

Michael Hoffman -- Kabbalah Judaism is Satanism


Reader asks Michael Hoffman:
Is the word "Satan" actually used? Can't find any translation online. Send me the Hebrew word.
Hoffman: Evangelical Christians "worship their would-be executioners. This is diabolic disorientation....the ancient Zohar insinuates a certain urgency to the sacrifice of goyim that Israel must make to Satan…"

Michael Hoffman -- Kabbalah Judaism is Satanism

KALERGI PLAN: The Covert Scheme To Destroy Europe From Within

KALERGI PLAN: The Covert Scheme To Destroy Europe From Within

The genocidal Kalergi plan to destroy the indigenous nations and peoples of Europe

by Cymru Sofren


The hot potato of immigration – a perfectly reasonable debate for citizens of any country to have but one that many from all political persuasions are often unable to have without resorting to hysteria and polarisation.

Natural and sustainable immigration happens organically. Economic immigrants, whether legal or not, can’t be blamed or demonised for looking for a better quality of life. And genuine asylum seekers who escape war zones and civil wars created by any aggressor including western/Nato countries should expect our sympathy and help and be given refuge in the nearest safe country or countries as set out in international law.

But it isn’t that simple. Sadly there are political leaders and planners who seek to create and use mass immigration and the forced movement of people for their own nefarious purposes. Not many people have heard of the The Kalergi Pan European plan for Europe. In the 1920s, Free Mason Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote a book titled “Praktischer Idealismus,” (Practical Idealism) which set out his views on how he believed the abolition of the right of self-determination and the elimination of European nations should be accomplished with the formation of an European Union.


After publishing the book, Kalergi received help from Baron Louis de Rothschild who put him in touch with one of his friends, banker Max Warburg. Warburg then supported Kalergi with considerable funds to help form his European movement. The main problem lays with the fact that what Kalergi called for was not only the destruction of European nation states but also the deliberate ethnocide of the indigenous, mostly Caucasian race of the European continent. This he proposed should be done through enforced mass migration to create an undifferentiated homogeneous mass of serfs to be dominated by a wealthy self electing elite.

Kalergi in his own words:

“The (European) man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space (nations), time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals”

KALERGI PLAN: The Covert Scheme To Destroy Europe From Within

Les 13 Lignées Sataniques…

Ils existe 13 familles qui dirigent le plan du gouvernement mondial. Ces familles sont présentées comme les 13 couches du bloc pyramidal imprimé au verso du billet d’un Dollar américain.

Il ne vous a nullement échappé que notre société bat de l’aile. Une crise économique mondiale s’aggrave, et n’arrête pas de se propager dans le monde entier. Les gouvernements se ruent au sauvetage des banquiers grâce à nos impôts, au détriment des fonds de pension et des régimes de retraite. Au passage, les systèmes protecteurs de santé se lézardent. Partout, pour tout, on assiste à l’évolution du pire : la violence au Moyen-Orient, la montée des périls écologiques, la corruption obscène des dirigeants politiques ne sont que quelques fléaux parmi bien d’autres.
Le chaos politiques et socio-économique actuel transparaissait il y a plus d’un siècle dans les Protocoles des Sages de Sion. Par quel miracle ? 
Ces protocoles sont la trame de la domination du monde, élaborée par une fraternité secrète. Ils esquivent le plan qui doit substituer aux gouvernements en place un nouvel ordre mondial dictatorial, voué à dominer le monde entier sous l’égide d’un règne de terreur.
La plupart des fléaux parmi les trois cités plus haut, sont délibérément créés de toutes pièces. Plus s’intensifieront la confusion, la lutte des classes, la discrimination, les guerres et les tensions politiques, plus vite adviendra le moment de l’acceptation, par l’humanité toute entière, d’un gouvernement mondiale totalitaire. 
Durant plus de cent ans, on aura tenté de nier l’authenticité des Protocoles. Il n’empêche que ces allégations de faux, la plupart du temps sans fondement, ne peuvent lutter contre des arguments irréfutables. La raison en est simple : la justesse des prédictions sur le déroulement de l’histoire du monde citées dans les Protocoles.
Ces textes affichent un programme précis. Des événements décisifs sont annoncés : la chute des empires russe, autrichien et allemand, la Première guerre mondiale, le chaos en Espagne, la création de la Société des Nations, le crépuscule des monarchies et de la noblesse, la crise de 1929, la Seconde guerre mondiale, le communisme implanté en Russie, la course aux armements, la création d’une police internationale (les casques bleus), les changements continuels de gouvernements et le chaos planétaire actuel. 

La suite :

LA CAUSE DU PEUPLE : Soljenitsyne : Les Protocoles de Sion se réalisent...

Soljenitsyne : Les Protocoles de Sion se réalisent sous nos yeux

Les protocoles de Sion sont nécessaires pour ceux qui souhaitent comprendre
le monde dans lequel nous vivons. Ils présentent une haine pathologique pour
les non-juifs (et en particulier les chrétiens et les musulmans) et un désir de
les saper et de les exploiter. Les protocoles faisaient partie d'une
«initiation» pour les juifs maçonniques de 33 degrés. La plupart des Juifs
ignorent ce programme et sont donc facilement manipulés. «L'antisémitisme
nous est indispensable dans la gestion de nos petits frères».
Selon ces protocoles : "Il reste un petit espace à traverser
avant que tous les états d'Europe ne soient enfermés dans les serpentins du
serpent symbolique, par lequel nous symbolisons notre peuple, comme dans un
puissant vice
La preuve que les Protocoles de Sion sont authentiques
est que la plupart d'entre eux sont devenus réalité.

Le gouvernement mondial est leur "Super État".

LA CAUSE DU PEUPLE : Soljenitsyne : Les Protocoles de Sion se réalisent..

The New Mind Control. “Subliminal Stimulation”, Controlling People without Their Knowledge

Over the past century, more than a few great writers have expressed concern about humanity’s future. In The Iron Heel(1908), the American writer Jack London pictured a world in which a handful of wealthy corporate titans – the ‘oligarchs’ – kept the masses at bay with a brutal combination of rewards and punishments. Much of humanity lived in virtual slavery, while the fortunate ones were bought off with decent wages that allowed them to live comfortably – but without any real control over their lives.

In We (1924), the brilliant Russian writer Yevgeny Zamyatin, anticipating the excesses of the emerging Soviet Union, envisioned a world in which people were kept in check through pervasive monitoring. The walls of their homes were made of clear glass, so everything they did could be observed. They were allowed to lower their shades an hour a day to have sex, but both the rendezvous time and the lover had to be registered first with the state.

In Brave New World (1932), the British author Aldous Huxley pictured a near-perfect society in which unhappiness and aggression had been engineered out of humanity through a combination of genetic engineering and psychological conditioning. And in the much darker novel 1984 (1949), Huxley’s compatriot George Orwell described a society in which thought itself was controlled; in Orwell’s world, children were taught to use a simplified form of English called Newspeak in order to assure that they could never express ideas that were dangerous to society

The New Mind Control. “Subliminal Stimulation”, Controlling People without Their Knowledge

LA CAUSE DU PEUPLE : L’hexagramme détient l'humanité en otage

                                LE SYMBOLE MALFAISANT qui GOUVERNE le MONDE



L'Hexagramme a acquis une maîtrise sur le monde des humains. Les
pratiquants peuvent sembler être des juifs droits, des catholiques ou des
maçons, mais ce sont des imposteurs qui s'infiltrent et subvertissent.

Derrière le mal dans ce monde il y a un symbole. Comprenez ce
symbole et la cabale qui l'utilise et vous pouvez identifier les malfaiteurs et
leur complot diabolique.
Cette cabale se cache à l'intérieur de religions et de
groupes légitimes, tels que le judaïsme, les jésuites et les maçons, qui les
utilisent comme boucliers pour leurs mauvaises actions. Ce qu'ils ont tous en
commun, c'est leur pratique de l'Hexagramme et de ses arts sombres.