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Il faut prévenir les hommes qu'ils sont en danger de mort - la science devient criminelle !...
Albert Einstein

Entre cet 'avertissement' et la 'constatation' suivante - se trouve le fond du problème.

L' ENFER c'est les AUTRES !...

Jean Paul Sartre

Quand aux trop nombreux 'septiques' & 'sceptiques' qui paralysent toute démarche 'libératrice' - sachez que le peu que je sais_ c'est à mon ignorance que je le dois !...

Mind Reading – From Science Fiction to Science Fact: Are Your Thoughts Really Private?

The thought of someone being able to read your mind by pointing a remote beam at your head is a very scary concept and one most of us would immediately push back against! In this day of tyranny when we are fully aware of the fact that our own government eavesdrops on our (supposed) private communications, including our phone calls, tweets, text messages, emails, cable box selections, and internet (social media) conversations, we are well aware that if the technology was available to them it would be utilized without reservations or limits … IS IT?