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Il faut prévenir les hommes qu'ils sont en danger de mort - la science devient criminelle !...
Albert Einstein

Entre cet 'avertissement' et la 'constatation' suivante - se trouve le fond du problème.

L' ENFER c'est les AUTRES !...

Jean Paul Sartre

Quand aux trop nombreux 'septiques' & 'sceptiques' qui paralysent toute démarche 'libératrice' - sachez que le peu que je sais_ c'est à mon ignorance que je le dois !...


On sais tous qu'il existent plusieurs familles qui contrôlent ce monde, et qui ont beaucoup d'argent. Dans cette vidéo, on vous présentera LES 10 FAMILLES QUI DIRIGENT LE MONDE.
La famille Astor - Rothschild - Rockefeller - Morgans - Du-Pont Bush - Bundy - Warburg - Freeman - Collins

Top 10 des Familles CÉLÈBRES les plus TROUBLÉES !
Top 10 des PHOTOS de famille les plus CHOQUANTES !

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Lama Faché | Dr Bot | Toponie | Toposcope | Un Regard 9

The Tavistock Agenda

Freud was an Austrian (Not GERMAN) Neurologist & Neuroanatomist, which are ideal credentials for a Biological Behavioural Engineer, “mind controller/mind scientist”.Austria is the epicentre of TBMC in Europe. He was a Sabbatean/Frankist. Psychoanalysis is a discipline NOT a science. Freud used this pseudo scientific discipline to promote the Sabbatean agenda to undermine the morals of civilisation, much like Kinsey. Freud’s central idea was that humans are sexual beings guided by sexual urges. Carl Gustav Jung however explained that humans are spiritual beings driven by their quest for God/Spirituality. 'Psychology and Alchemy'1952. The cult promoted Freud, and sidelined the Brilliant Jung, who introduced many to the concept of Androgyny via the androgyny of Christ; The harmonious co existence of masculinity and femininity within a single individual. Freud is the prophet of the Tavistock Instistute and the furtive Freudian fakers are lost in their own spiritually bankrupt pschosexual psy op.
No, faceless Tavistock child psychiatrist Dr. Claire Sturge, bisexuality is NOT our natural state. The Archetypal Archetype is the Androgyne . Analyse THAT Tavistuck (sic)

“In the 1950's and early 1960's, the agency [CIA] gave mind-altering drugs to hundreds of unsuspecting Americans in an effort to explore the possibilities of controlling human consciousness. Many of the human guinea pigs were mental patients, prisoners, drug addicts and prostitutes – 'people who could not fight back,' as one agency officer put it. In one case, a mental patient in Kentucky was dosed with LSD continuously for 174 days.” – New York Times199
MK-ULTRA is the codename given to a CIA research operation into biological behavioral engineering, also known as mind control. Many people are familiar with the operation but incorrectly assume that it was limited to LSD research. While there were plenty of resources devoted to LSD research, it was only one area of a vast field of mind control operations. MK-ULTRA researcher Ike Feldman said himself that:
“The LSD... that was just the tip of the iceberg... Espionage. Assassinations. Dirty tricks. Drug experiments. Sexual encounters and the study of prostitutes for clandestine use. That is what I was doing when I worked for George White and the CIA.”200
MK-ULTRA had several precursors. There was Project Chatter in 1947, which tested drugs such as the infamous Scopolamine during interrogations.201 There was Project Bluebird in 1949, which began studies into hypnosis.202 The document describing the initiation of Project Bluebird outlines these special problems, among many others, that they were hoping to address:
• Can we in a matter of an hour, two hours, one day, etc., induce an hypnotic condition in an unwilling subject to such an extent that he will perform an act for our benefit?
• Can we create by post-hypnotic control an action contrary to an individual's basic moral principles?
• Can we guarantee total amnesia under any and all conditions?
• Can we "alter" a person's personality? How long will it hold?
• Can we devise a system for making unwilling subjects into willing agents and then transfer that control to untrained agency agents in the field by use of codes or identifying signs or credentials?203
Project Artichoke began in 1951, with a scope of ... “Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?”204 All of the above projects were shuttled into MK-ULTRA in 1953, under the Technical Services Division, combining over 150 sub-projects205, undertaken at over 80 institutions206 such as universities, hospitals, prisons and pharmaceutical companies. Many of the projects were covertly ran through front organizations without the knowledge of the institution that hosted them.

La Guerre secrète de la Franc-maçonnerie contre les peuples. ( NWO)

Cette vidéo ne restera pas longtemps sur YouTube pour cause de censure !
Le documentaire vous explique les étapes du Nouvel Ordre Mondial, sa mise en place et l'exécution de son plan par les élites.
Nos gouvernements et les chefs d'états son complices et œuvrent pour ce plan en détruisant la possession des états et en appauvrissant jusqu’a l’extermination des peuples.
Le Pouvoir et le Contrôle Absolu par la manipulation, le mensonge et l'endoctrinement par les médias...

Nos élites sont tous pour la plupart des francs-maçons, judéo-maçonnique et appartiennent aux illuminatis (se renseigner sur les sociétés secrètes ou sectes sataniques occultes)

On vous conditionne dès l'enfance, on vous assigne une place dans la hiérarchie sociale et économique.
On nous fait bouffer un système eugéniste, qui consiste à standardiser le produit humain...

"Faire aimer la servitude, et l'esclave d'une mort certaine, voilà la tâche des états totalitaires d'aujourd'hui, aux ministères de la propagande, aux rédacteurs en chef de journalopes, aux maîtres d'école..."

A voir Absolument et à partager afin d'ouvrir les yeux à vos proches et aux gens aveugles autour de vous

Corinne Gouget - Le Génocide Alimentaire

Pesticides, bisphénols, phtalates, parabènes…. Des milliers de substances chimiques ont envahi notre quotidien. Utilisées depuis des décennies pour protéger les récoltes, améliorer les emballages alimentaires ou la conservation des cosmétiques, ces molécules ont fini par révéler leur pouvoir toxique. contient tout ce qu'il faut savoir concernant votre santé : anatomie, fatigue, stress, sexualité, contraception, cancer, VIH, dépression, douleur, …

Michel Cymes
Marina Carrère d'Encausse
Benoît Thévenet
France 5

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Total Individual Control Technology: Insider Exposes How You

voice-to-skull V2K hearing voices

Total Individual Control Technology: Insider Exposes How You & Your DNA are Being Targeted

“This technology manipulates the electrical signals in the brain, thus controlling thoughts and feelings and emotions and sensations throughout the body. It works by rewiring the brain by creating new neural pathways and destroying existing neural pathways, thus this literally changes the way a person thinks and thus behaves.”
“This technology can also be used to control the muscle movement of the target. It can take over one’s hands or feet while driving and make you press on the accelerator or press on the brake or turn. This can be used to cause accidents it can also be used to prevent accidents from happening.”
Total Individual Control Technology: Insider Exposes How You

“They” Can’t Read Your Thoughts … Right?

mind control technology 1

Mind control technology

is far advanced beyond what we know. And, thanks to certain whistleblowers and researchers, what we already know is truly scary. The worldwide conspiracy is all about control, and controlling your mind is one of its ultimate goals. This doesn’t mean just controlling the flow of information into your mind (via censorship and propaganda). It means literally controlling what you think and feel, piping thoughts and dreams into your mind subliminally (so you’ll never know it’s happening) and even erasing your memories or implanting false ones. The current state of mind control technology is a highly dangerous weapon, and at this stage, the best thing we can do is to become more aware of it.
“They” Can’t Read Your Thoughts … Right?

Projecting a visual image directly into the brain, bypassing the eyes

Imagine replacing a damaged eye with a window directly into the brain — one that communicates with the visual part of the cerebral cortex by reading from a million individual neurons and simultaneously stimulating 1,000 of them with single-cell accuracy, allowing someone to see again.
That’s the goal of a $21.6 million DARPA award to the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), one of six organizations funded by DARPA’s Neural Engineering System Design program announced this week to develop implantable, biocompatible neural interfaces that can compensate for visual or hearing deficits.*
The UCB researchers ultimately hope to build a device for use in humans. But the researchers’ goal during the four-year funding period is more modest: to create a prototype to read and write to the brains of model organisms — allowing for neural activity and behavior to be monitored and controlled simultaneously. These organisms include zebrafish larvae, which are transparent, and mice, via a transparent window in the skull.
Projecting a visual image directly into the brain, bypassing the eyes

Davos Elite Reveal Orwellian Plan to Decode Your Brain and Read Your Mind

Top Silicon Valley Exec Developing Telepathic Mind Control Technology...

A former Google[x] exec Mary Lou Jepsen wants to bring telepathy to your list of technological needs, accomplishing this feat through a simple ski-hat.
“I figured out how to put basically the functionality of an M.R.I. machine — a multimillion-dollar M.R.I. machine — into a wearable in the form of a ski hat,” Jepson told CNBC.
So how does she hope to achieve this and is it possible?
Current M.R.I. technology can already see your thoughts: “If I threw you into an M.R.I. machine right now … I can tell you what words you’re about to say, what images are in your head. I can tell you what music you’re thinking of,” Jepsen said. “That’s today, and I’m talking about just shrinking that down,” she added.


HOMMAGE A CLAIRE SÉVÉRAC : VIDÉO CENSURÉE EN FRANCE - LABORATOIRES MULTINATIONALE ENVENIMEURS....!!!! ( A SAVOIR QUE CLAIRE SÉVÉRAC NOUS A QUITTÉE LE JOURS NE NOËL 2016 ( assassinat, empoisonnement , attaques par " magies noires " ?....a vous de juger en votre âme et inconsciente ...!!!!!!!!!!!! )

L'esclavage absolu avec l'implantation d'une puce RFID

Ce qui n’était qu’une thèse complotiste, tendrait-il à devenir réalité ? Il semble qu’on en ait pris le chemin. C’est insidieux, présenté comme « hype », « cool » « fun », une fois que ce sera accepté pour être « à la page », pour se faciliter les choses, le rêve des mondialistes sera accompli. Le cauchemar du « tous sous contrôle » pourra commencer. Mettre bout à bout tout ce que vous savez, ajoutez toutes les « nouveautés » qui sont proposées et, faites le constat. N’avoir plus le contrôle sur sa vie, c’est le pire qui puisse nous arriver.

Ce qui n’était qu’une thèse complotiste, tendrait-il à devenir réalité ? Il semble qu’on en ait pris le chemin. C’est insidieux, présenté comme « hype », « cool » « fun », une fois que ce sera accepté pour être « à la page », pour se faciliter les choses, le rêve des mondialistes sera accompli. Le cauchemar du « tous sous contrôle » pourra commencer. Mettre bout à bout tout ce que vous savez, ajoutez toutes les « nouveautés » qui sont proposées et, faites le constat. N’avoir plus le contrôle sur sa vie, c’est le pire qui puisse nous arriver.

Aspects éthiques des implants tic dans le corps humain
 L’avis du groupe d’éthique des sciences et des nouvelles technologies  auprès de la commission européenne adopté le 16 mars 2005.
Du Gouvernement Electronique au transhumanisme
Identité électronique et criminalisation du citoyen ordinaire :
nos libertés vendues pour le profit ?  (2005)
Le domaine “médical” est le grand cheval de Troie de la modification de l’humain en cyborg ! (5 pages)
(Cliquer sur “OK” et sur “lecture seule au besoin)
Lettre ouverte aux intervenants médicaux
Comment loger  une puce dans votre cerveau (à votre insu !)  JPPetit                        
Emission RTBF – Questions à la Une de 2008
Rubrique MICRO CHIPS fournie

Cliquer sur “lecture seule”

PSYOP Analysis: NeuroWeaponry Patents - Directed Energy Weapons

PSYOP Analysis: NeuroWeaponry Patents - Directed Energy Weapons: Directed Energy Weapon and Electronic Warfare Relevant Patents: Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy through the Natural Mediums. Paten...

Smart Dust - The Future of Involuntary Treatment of the Public

Pedro Aquila, Staff Writer
Waking Times
Smart dust is a name given to extremely small computing particles, RFID chips, or other very small technologies.
A popular article from Extreme Tech describes it in the headline: “Smart dust: A complete computer that’s smaller than a grain of sand.” An article from War is Boring is titled “Future Military Sensors Could Be Tiny Specks of ‘Smart Dust’ New technologies allow for extremely small—and ubiquitous—military sensors.” A paper from University of California, San Diego describes smart dust:
“The term “smart dust” originally referred to miniature wireless semiconductor devices made using fabrication techniques derived from the microelectronics industry. These devices incorporate sensing, computing and communications in a centimetre-sized package.”
It is promoted as an eventuality, that smart dust will cover streets and buildings to identify people, that people will have smart dust in their bodies, and other things in mainstream television and media. They paint a utopian, blissful picture of it.
Smart Dust - The Future of Involuntary Treatment of the Public

Japan Imposes Sweeping Pre-Crime Surveillance Law Ahead Of 2020 Olympics

With the latest spate of terror attacks we are beginning to witness supposedly democratic countries take increasingly tyrannical positions in the name of security.
Yesterday, Germany made it clear that they were willing to eradicate basic civil liberties by forcing the surveillance of smartphone apps and communications as well as absurdly permitting children as young as 6-years-old to be fingerprinted.
England, of course having been the direct target of terrorism over the course of weeks, has taken so far the most draconian position of moving to completely curtail Internet freedom, despite legal experts voicing their concerns about eradicating free speech as well as the limited effectiveness of such measures.

Japan Imposes Sweeping Pre-Crime Surveillance Law Ahead Of 2020 Olympics

Brave Mad World: The Control of Mind and Body

People who believe they have been targeted by mind control technologies have often been met with skepticism or outright disbelief. However, recent revelations concerning very real ongoing scientific research by the government, coupled with technologies under development in the private sector, make it harder than ever to completely dismiss these claims. Reliable information accessible on the Internet suggests that what they think is happening to them may actually be possible, either now or in the near future.
Many of us already have devices inside us — from pacemakers and artificial hearts to replacement joints. Now there is technology under development that could affect the mind and body from the outside, in disturbing, even maddening, ways — from putting sounds in people’s heads to microwaving them from within. The limits of thought and human physiology have been much extended.
There are also many documented cases of government abuse of unsuspecting citizens, often in the name of research. Political activists and others who upset the status quo have long known that government surveillance, at least under certain circumstances, is a reality.
Against this background, a subculture of individuals claim that sinister devices are being used on them, possibly by the government. If these machines are real, it would be difficult to separate the people who are mentally troubled from those who have been victimized. Few weapons, once developed, have not been abused. Even the “non-lethal” ones designed to incapacitate, like tasers, have been used to kill. Mind/body devices sometimes fall under this heading and can change a subject’s very concept of reality, which can be uneasy at the best of times.
Does the proliferation of new technologies and new complaints of harm indicate the spread of a large-scale form of mass paranoia? Or is reality catching up to what used to be called madness?

New “Genius” Show Sells Einstein as The Smartest Man Ever But It's a LIE

Observatoire de la Franc-Maçonnerie: Satanisme

"La plus grande malice du diable
est de faire croire qu'il n'existe pas."
 (Charles Baudelaire)

  Il n'est pire aveugle
que celui qui ne veut pas voir

Observatoire de la Franc-Maçonnerie: Satanisme

The “Jewish” Conspiracy is British Imperialism

The_Empire_Needs_Men_WWI (1).jpg

The Masonic Jewish owners of the central banks 
are behind all imperialism, including the colonization
of humanity. The "New World Order" is an extension 
of British and American imperialism which are proxies 
for Masonic Jewish mercantilism.Updated from May 30, 2004
by Henry Makow.Ph.D
- See more at: “Jewish” Conspiracy is British Imperialism

Plus de 100 ans après : D’étranges révélations concernant le naufrage du Titanic ! – On sait ce qu'on veut qu'on sache

Plus de 100 ans après : D’étranges révélations concernant le naufrage du Titanic ! – On sait ce qu'on veut qu'on sache !...

Il se trouvait qu’un certain nombre de personnages influents n’étaient pas favorables au projet de création de la Federal Reserve Bank. Benjamin Guggenheim, Isaac Strauss et John Jacob Astor s’opposaient à sa formation. Non seulement ces hommes – indiscutablement les plus riches au monde – étaient contre l’institution de la Federal Reserve mais, en outre, ils auraient usé de leur richesse et de leur influence pour faire éviter la Première  Mondiale.
En savoir plus sur

Jordan’s King Abdullah to Pave Way for Antichrist?

keep calm.jpg
Al-Mahdi is the redeemer of the Muslim world who will usher in the final Caliphate 
which will last 7-9 years before the return of Jesus Christ.  YM believes King Abdullah II of Jordan will play the role of a false Al-Mahdi who will prepare for the return of the antichrist, David Mayer Rothschild.
by YM
- See more at:

Jordan’s King Abdullah to Pave Way for Antichrist?

“The War is Worth Waging”: Afghanistan’s Vast Reserves of Minerals and Natural Gas

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "opium field afghanistan"

“The War is Worth Waging”: Afghanistan’s Vast Reserves of Minerals and Natural Gas

Under the Afghan-US security pact,  established under Obama’s Asian pivot, Washington and its NATO partners have established a permanent military presence in Afghanistan, with military facilities located within proximity of China’s Western frontier.  The pact was intended to allow the US to maintain their nine permanent military bases, strategically located on the borders of  China, Pakistan and Iran as well as Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.
In recent developments, President Trump in his February 28, 2017 address to a joint session of  Congress vowed to “demolish and destroy” terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq as well as in Afghanistan under a fake counter-terrorism mandate.
According to Foreign Affairs, “there are more U.S. military forces deployed there [Afghanistan] than to any other active combat zone” and their mandate is to go after the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS (which are supported covertly by US intelligence). 
There is both a geopolitical as well as an economic agenda in Afghanistan requiring the permanent presence of US troops.
In addition to its vast mineral and gas reserves, Afghanistan produces more than 90 percent of the World’s supply of opium which is used to produce grade 4 heroin.
US military bases in Afghanistan are also intent upon protecting the multibillion narcotics trade.  Narcotics, at present, constitutes the centerpiece of Afghanistan’s export economy.
The heroin trade, instated at the outset of the Soviet-Afghan war in 1979 and protected by the CIA, generates cash earnings in Western markets in excess of $200 billion dollars a year.
“The highest concentration of NATO servicemen in Afghanistan is being accompanied with the highest concentration of opium poppy, ….  That situation causes doubts about the anti-terrorist mission and leads to the conclusion about catastrophic consequences of the eight-year stay [of coalition forces] in Afghanistan,” (Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service head Viktor Ivanov, January 2010)

5G and IoT: Total Technological Control Grid Being Rolled Out Fast

Think about it – our natural rhythm is something close to the Schumann Resonance of the Earth, which is 7.83 Hz. We are talking about frequency bands not hundreds, not thousands, not millions, but actually billions times this frequency! 28 GHz is 28,000,000,000 (28 billion) cycles per second! Now we have electronic devices that operate in the THz band (TeraHertz, which is trillions of Hertz). To say this is completely unnatural is the understatement of the millennium. It is completely out of balance, disharmonious and insane. It is wreaking havoc on our energy fields.

Time to Wake Up – and Fast

This dark agenda – this Synthetic Agenda, this Transhumanist Agenda – to erect a total technological control grid is unfurling way too fast for comfort. We all have to wake up – and fast. With every year that passes, our technological evolution keeps outpacing our spiritual evolution. This can only lead to one thing: technology will fall into the hands of people with little or no scruples who will be happy to use it to further their own ends and enslave others. Luckily, some people are waking up to, even people in positions of power such as a group of mayors in Ohio who have filed a lawsuit to stop 5G towers being erected in their counties, cities and municipalities.
This really is a race against time. If this technological control grid is rolled out in sufficient breadth and depth of reach, and intensity, it will seriously impact our ability to resist it, because it contains the capability to suppress that very resistance. We are living the plot of a science fiction film – but it’s real life and the consequences are deadly. Will humanity be able to recognize the truth quickly enough? Will we be able to stop the insanity and the construction of networks that enslave us?
5G and IoT: Total Technological Control Grid Being Rolled Out Fast

The Imposition of Artificial States in the Middle East: The Case of Saudi Arabia and Israel

The decrepit ideologies of Saudi Wahhabism and Israeli Zionism are immensely important, if not central, to the current Middle Eastern fiasco and the general malfeasant international climate. As expected, both of these corrosive ideologies are largely avoided in the Western mainstream media, since both of these artificially-created nations are considered Washington’s allies.
It is a fascinating, though a rather grim story, spanning World War I, the creation of the states of Israel, Jordan,  Iraq, Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia (and all Gulf sheikdoms) and taking in Lawrence of Arabia, all the way to the fall of Libya’s Muammar Gadhafi in 2011, the imposed proxy war in Syria (which also began in 2011), and the rise of ISIS savages, among other geopolitical regressions. It’s a story of long-term manipulation, insidious indoctrination, and secret diabolically mythical works of literature.
The Imposition of Artificial States in the Middle East: The Case of Saudi Arabia and Israel