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Il faut prévenir les hommes qu'ils sont en danger de mort - la science devient criminelle !...
Albert Einstein

Entre cet 'avertissement' et la 'constatation' suivante - se trouve le fond du problème.

L' ENFER c'est les AUTRES !...

Jean Paul Sartre

Quand aux trop nombreux 'septiques' & 'sceptiques' qui paralysent toute démarche 'libératrice' - sachez que le peu que je sais_ c'est à mon ignorance que je le dois !...

L'ONU contre l'enfance et la famille - Marion Sigaut

The Hidden Enemy: Psychiatry [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

Goyim! The Cabalists are Gaslighting You

(left, Ben Garrison's brilliant tableau entitled"Cultural Marxism." The spider is George Soros.) 

God is ultimate reality. Mankind is inflicted by a cancer called Cabalism (Satanism.)  Its goal is to supplant God and redefine reality according to its interests and perversions. Thus it must 
sever our ties with truth by making us question reality. This is called "gaslighting." They are positioned to do this through their control of information and discourse (i.e mass media and education.) They believe the truth is whatever they say. 
Remember, Cabalists are not just Jews. They are Freemasons, the goy elite installed by the Jewish central bankers. These traitors are our "leaders."
Goyim! The Cabalists are Gaslighting You

The US Was Created by Freemasonry to Realize NWO

The US Was Created by Freemasonry to Realize NWO

July 4, 2019

washington-freemason_big.jpg(left, George Washington, Freemason) 

You blind guides. You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel!"  (Matthew 23:24) 
"The people of the world and even their governments" will be "as children under-age."  The Protocols of Zion (15) 
Democracy and freedom are illusions gradually dispersing like morning mist. 
Our governments ask Cabalist (Masonic) bankers for credit like children asking for their allowance. 
Governments are just a veil for these bankers.  "Successful" people are their agents. 
Freemasons control every important social institution: government, media, corporations, military, justice, 
education and the church. They are the "Deep State." Humanity is being reengineered to serve the Cabalist bankers and their god Lucifer in a world plantation.  
As historian Bernard Fay explains below, the United States was established to implement this global agenda 
which explains US foreign policy. 

The US Was Created by Freemasonry to Realize NWO

Christopher Bollyn; "Tricked into the Fraudulent Zionist War on Terror"

Christopher Bollyn is a true example of genuine journalism. He recently visited the Netherlands where he gave this powerful presentation at an event “On the Wings of False Flags” which was organized by In this presentation, Christopher exposes who is behind the attacks on 9/11, which was falsely blamed on Muslims, and why this was done. 

Christopher Bollyn; "Tricked into the Fraudulent Zionist War on Terror"

Head Fake - The NWO Will Arise From the East

Rockefeller with Zhou Enlai - 'the first Premier of the People's Republic of China. Zhou was China's head of government, serving from October 1949 until his death in January 1976'.

The West is a decoy for the erection of the real NWO by the East After 

The alt media have cast 
the "East" as the good guys 
but in fact, it is Russia and China
who have been tasked with installing 
the New World Order (Communism.) 
We are being demoralized
to embrace our "saviors."
"Multipolar power" masks the usual suspects.
Head Fake - The NWO Will Arise From the East